A child prodigy, Steve was third in command of the British Navy by the age of 12. However, he became disillusioned with the fall of the British Empire and, after being refused permission to retake Calais for the crown, Steve resigned his commission and entered civilian life. Luckily, he then discovered an amazing talent for producing comic art, and so has not yet starved to death.

Another child prodigy, Chris was director of the UK space programme by the age of 9. However when Margaret Thatcher's miserly government refused to provide the £570 billion needed to colonise Mars the game was up and it was time for a career change. After an unsuccessful spell in Take That, Chris was introduced to the the joys of writing comics and so decided to become the new Alan Moore.

A real-life superhero, Bolt-01 is currently serving a 37-year old prison sentence for vigilante-related offences. Luckily "liberalism" has pervaded the prison service to such an extent that he can still make comics. See also Futurequake Press for further evidence that hard labour is regrettably a thing of the past.