Batten down the hatches because this one is going to blow your mind!The Massacre For Boys are back in town for the biggest comic we've ever produced.

Gaze in awe at unstoppable avians in Walking Wounded: Emu War!
Follow The Crusader into a blood-soaked factory of death!
Admire The Zen Fusilier as he combats the scourge of vampirism!
Applaud the unbelievable flare of Bosher's Goals!
Marvel at the real-life heroism of Thirty Kroner Kincaid!
Swell with pride as Britain conquers Mars!
Finally discover how the First World War was won by the cricketing prowess of The Boys From Bashley!
Witness the day you never thought would come as Jimmy Baker Animal Hatmaker calls for backup!
Engage your brain to solve the terrifying mystery of the death of Sue Per before Sci-Fi sleuth Mustard!

Then, relax. Mmmmmm.

By Chris Denton, Steven Denton, David Frankum, Bhuna, Bolt-01, Greg Meldrum, John Caliber, Nikki Foxrobot, Owen Watts, David Herstal, Nathan Webb and Tim West.

£4.00 (with free P&P) / 44 pages / US format / Colour / 2014


You literally will not believe how amazing this comic is!

This "even more definitive than the last, definitive anthology" anthology features some absolutely action-packed action. Also there's animal-hatmaking.

Strips include Walking Wounded: Eastern Front, The Crusader, Badland Rules, Jimmy Baker Animal Hatmaker, Holt Bros and Walking Wounded.

Words are basically failing me because I've read this baby and the adrenalin rush has impaired my ability to write marketing text!

By Chris Denton, Steven Denton, David Frankum, Bolt-01, Richmond Clements, John Caliber, Nikki Foxrobot, Owen Watts, Dee Cunniffe and Tim Twelves.

£3.00 (with free P&P) / 36 pages / US format / Colour / 2012

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The Eagle-Award nominated series is back!

When Adolf Hitler orders the invasion of Gibraltarshire things look bleak for the plucky but outnumbered defenders.

Luckily for the small British colony the Walking Wounded are in town and they will do anything it takes to keep the gateway to the Mediterrean out of the hands of the Third Reich.

And if even that does not prove enough, the Rock has a few tricks of her own...

This full length adventure has it all. Yes, that does include monkeys!

By Chris Denton, Steven Denton & Bolt-01.

£3.00 (with free P&P) / 28 pages / US format / Black & White / 2010

Walking Wounded: Death on the Rock




The definitive Massacre for Boys anthology and, as the name suggests, not a shred of black and white.

We've got a brand new, zombie-related, airborne adventure for the Walking Wounded, and following that it's superhero-a-go-go as The Crusader takes on a bad boy serial killer.

Amazing supporting features include sci-fi western Badland Rules, Edwardian whimsy The Diogenes Club, animal hat-related shenigans courtesy of Jimmy Baker, football thrills in Bosher's Goals and yet more war action in a second Walking Wounded.

By Chris Denton, Steven Denton, Bolt-01, Richmond Clements, Matthew Hunt & Paul Harrison-Davies.

£3.00 (with free P&P) / 40 pages / US format / Colour / 2009

Three action-packed tales of heroism, adventure and military prison.

In "Future Heroes" a Martian historian from the 32nd-century is convinced the Nazis were the good guys. Can the Walking Wounded traverse the centuries to prove him very very wrong?

Then it's a glimpse back into the orgins of the team when Dog recruits Banzai from "The Glasshouse".

Finally, we do something positive for international relations when a hero of the French Resistance comes to stay at WW Platoon HQ. It's called "Entente Cordiale" and also features a super-powered Nazi Assassin!

Script by Chris Denton / Art by Steven Denton / Letters by Bolt-01

£2.50 (with FREE P&P) / 28 Pages / Black & White / 2008


The WW platoon arrive on the remote English island of Bundy, somewhere in the Bristol Channel. It's seemingly a routine mission to clean out some German airmen who refuse to surrender. However things change rapidly for the worse with the arrival on Bundy of countless unstoppable Nazi Zombies.

Can even Captain William "Dog" Tired and the rest of the Walking Wounded resist the unstoppable onslaught of the Re-animated National Socialist Menace?

Script by Chris Denton / Art by Steven Denton

Colour cover by Steven Denton

£2.50 (with FREE P&P) / 28 pages / Black & White / 2007

From the pages of the legendary war comic, Massacre for Boys, comes a collection of adventures featuring its most famous heroes - The Walking Wounded. This platoon of technically unfit but in fact awesome super-commandos, led by Captain William "Dog" Tired, terrorized the Nazis in print from 1951 to 1983. Allegedly.

Included in this brand new collection is the complete 4-part epic "The Resistance that Went Mad", which sees the Wounded take on the combined might of Nazi troopers and insane pigeon-hating revolutionaries in occupied France. As a bonus you also get the short introduction story for wheelchair-bound Corporal Simon Beales.

Script by Chris Denton / Art by Steven Denton.

£2.00 (with FREE P&P) / 32 pages / Black & White / 2005

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